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"Should I lease a car?" That is a question many consumers ask when determining if they should buy or lease a vehicle. To answer it requires time and consideration because it's important to know what makes the most financial sense for you.

The most obvious difference between buying or leasing is the ownership of the car, truck, or sport utility vehicle. When you buy, the vehicle is yours to keep as long as you want it. But when you lease, you need to return it at the end of the lease agreement-unless you decide to buy it (known as lease to own).

There are other factors that you must consider before selecting your financing option. Leasing has some advantages over buying:

        ●    Lower monthly payment
        ●    Ability to return the vehicle at the end of the agreement
        ●    Option to terminate your agreement early
        ●    Guaranteed future value

There are some advantages to buying a vehicle instead of leasing one:

Asheville Audi Buy vs Lease

        ●    Fewer up-front costs
        ●    Freedom to drive unlimited miles
        ●    Wear and tear has no immediate costs
        ●    Ability to fully modify and customize

You should keep in mind, however, that high mileage as well as wear and tear affect your trade-in or resale value when buying.

Audi Asheville Offers Incredible Lease Specials

You can take advantage of incredible lease specials that often include:
        ●    Audi A3
        ●    Audi A4
        ●    Audi A5
        ●    Audi A6

If you want more information about whether you should lease or buy (or have decided and are ready to look at inventory), we welcome you to contact the brand ambassadors at Audi Asheville.

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